is a Taranaki-based charitable trust and registered charity (CC59169) delivering wellness support solutions including wellbeing promotion and suicide prevention programmes dedicated to strengthening our construction communities. 
Our purpose is to drive a culture shift in our sector to improve the wellbeing outcomes of workers and businesses. 
We take action by creating more mentally fit 
and resilient workplaces and connecting 
our people to suitable support.

"W'akamaiangi means to cause to rise up. As an industry we lift buildings and infrastructure from the ground. As a trust we lift the wellbeing and mana of our people and their whānau." Building Wellness Taranaki

Who we are

A locally – and industry-led charity established to address the high rates of suicide in the construction sector. Building Wellness is an initiative that builds and strengthens our communities, across all construction-related worksites – residential and commercial building, civil, infrastructure, engineering and all related trades.

The Building Wellness programme helps people in the construction community build confidence and capabilities to support their own wellbeing and that of others. The impact of this community-based approach extends beyond the workplace, into everyday lives, and benefits our wider communities. 

Building Wellness engages with workers, leaders, and businesses through training onsite and offsite and walks alongside individuals and/or worksites to address personal and business-related concerns and connects them with relevant support networks. Free and confidential help is available through the Trust’s coordinator. 


How we can help

"The protective hands of our logo symbolises the homes and buildings our sector contributes to our community, whilst also mirroring the Taranaki Maunga that gives our region our unique identity. " Building Wellness Taranaki​

Building Wellness Taranaki

Our Taranaki construction community

people employed in construction in Taranaki. Nearly 10% of our community work in construction which means there are a huge number of people that need support.
construction businesses in Taranaki. There are a large number of construction businesses that need supporting
of construction workers are self-employed, meaning they may lack access to the supporting functions, resources and training that larger corporate organisations have.
nearly 0 %
contributes to our Region’s GDP. Construction is the foundation of our economy, not just because of its direct contribution but also because it enables other businesses to operate.
$ 0 m
new job openings between now and 2025. The sector is already under pressure and in a world of COVID “Shovel Ready” economic stimulus this pressure will continue to grow.


The pledge 

The Building Wellness pledge is a call to action for all construction-related workplaces to join us in creating supportive and psychologically safe worksites for our people, businesses, and communities to thrive. 

We work with local and national organisations to structure and implement evidence-based best practice wellbeing initiatives across worksites and communities, in order to drive meaningful change and create greater culture shift in how we understand and talk about mental wellbeing and improve the culture of our sector, together.


Thank you to our members and sponsors for your support!

“Building a better and stronger construction community, together”