Ngā Uaratanga – Our values


None of our people need to face their challenges alone.


We build and lift the mana of our people.


Our concern for the wellbeing of others drives us to speak up.


We support our people to help each other.

Ngā Whainga – Outcomes

Short term outcomes:

Supporting construction workers, business owners and the self-employed

Supporting the highest risk groups with the sector

Changing the sector’s culture

Long term vision:

A caring and inclusive construction sector that safeguards the wellbeing of the whole person, not just the worker

Pou – Our Pillars

Building Wellness Taranaki has 5 strategic pou. These pou represent the key areas of the organisation


The Construction sector is infamous for its male dominated macho “take a concrete pill and harden up” culture. As a result, many construction workers suffer mental distress alone and don’t seek help. We support our people to share and talk about their problems and to actively seek the help they need.


When our people seek help they
are often let down by an overloaded health system that lacks the types of support that are relevant to the construction sector. We support our people to connect to the right help quickly.


Research shows that work place pressures are a major factor in about a third of construction worker suicides. Mental wellbeing is not a matter of luck but one of purposeful design. It requires a deliberate effort to control psychosocial risks and build in protective factors. We will work with the leaders and managers within the Taranaki construction sector to improve their capability to safeguard our people’s mental wellbeing.


Research shows that, for the self employed and construction business owners, workplace pressures are twice as likely to be a major factor in suicides. Clinical mental health services are not always appropriate so we will also provide “business first aid” support and mentoring.

Advocacy & Leadership

With a culture of toxic masculinity and a boom/bust cycle creating unsustainable pressure that drives businesses to the wall and threatens job security, major change to thesector is essential.We will act as leaders and role model a better way of conducting business.

Building Wellness Taranaki

Meet our trustees

Our board works together to create and develop a clear strategy for the Building Wellness. As leaders within the construction sector, our Trustees will “walk the talk” when it comes to following best practice within our own organisations.

Building Wellness Taranaki

David Langford

Group Manager Planning & Infrastructure NPDC

Building Wellness Taranaki

Campbell Mattson

Managing Director
Location Homes

Building Wellness Taranaki

Frances Boyce

Managing Director
Whitaker Civil Engineering

Building Wellness Taranaki

Andrew Pepper

Managing Director
Pepper Construction

Building Wellness Taranaki

Derek Drinkwater

General Manager
Superior Stainless

Darren Handley

Assurance Manager

Building Wellness Taranaki

Chris Pye

Operations Manager
Clelands Construction

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“Building better wellbeing outcomes together”