Wellness Buddy

What is a Building Wellness Buddy?

Just like when someone new to the industry goes on the job site for the first time and they buddy-up with an experience worker, Building Wellness Buddies are there to keep an eye out for their work mates.

Building Wellness is creating a network of volunteer “Buddies”. A buddy can be anyone in the construction sector or supporting trades who is willing to look out for their workmates and step in if they see someone who might be struggling. This could be as simple as offering a sympathetic ear to a stressed colleague who needs to download or helping someone connect with mental health support via the Building Wellness Coordinator.

The Role of a Buddy

The role of a Buddy is to provide peer-to-peer support to construction workers who may be experiencing stress, anxiety or depression. As a trained Buddy, your workmates will know that you are someone they can go to if they need to talk to someone about their problems without judgement, or if they need assistance getting access to mental health and wellbeing support services.

As a Buddy you will:

  1. Be working in the construction sector or a business that supports the sector, this could include:
    • Trade suppliers and building material suppliers
    • Banking personnel handling finance and lending for construction businesses
    • Anyone who goes on the jobsite such as building inspectors, surveyors or delivery drivers
  2. Be empathetic with good listening skills
  3. Be non-judgemental

Whilst Buddies may have to talk to people who are in mental distress because of the situation they find themselves in, Buddies are not expected to be counsellors or therapists. If the person you are working with needs clinical mental health services then the Building Wellbeing Coordinator will step in to connect them to the services they need.

Training & Support

Building Wellness has a dedicated training programme to support Buddies. This covers topics like how to talk to people in distress and how to keep yourself safe and self-care.

The Building Wellness Coordinator will also be available to support and advise Buddies. For more information or to sign up as a Buddy email help@buildingwellness.co.nz

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